The Off Topic wikia, free for all to use.

Includes several OT'ers and other information.


probably ought to curb the biases starting whenever you log on next cuz if you dont this wiki could take a turn for the worst Rtcity (talk) 04:46, March 18, 2013 (UTC)

Hello! This is Mooble. I've rewritten the front page, corrected a few errors, and cleared some parts up. Hopefully this replaces the front page.

Welcome to the Roblox Off Topic Wiki!Edit

This is an alternative to the other Roblox Off Topic wikis, and the main goal is to completely eliminate vandalism,bullying, and other offensive material that may go on this Wiki. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Wiki, and us administrators wish that every user has an equally pleasant experience.


1. Do not vandalize any page. Any vandalism will result in a ban, editing priviliges revoked, and the page reverted. Besides, the moderators are not janitors. They have more important things to do than deal with your messes.

2. Be kind to others! Bullying is highly frowned upon in this Wiki, and might land you in hot water with the police. Instead of posting some nasty comment on some OTer, just ignore them. Or, give them constructive criticism.

3. Please refrain from "Raiding" other wikis. Raids are short-lived, make the moderators hate the users, and ruin the reading pleasure for everybody.

4. Making articles about a user without their consent, along with posting hoaxes about them, will result in a ban.

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